1984 Corvette

1984 Corvette

This car has great running,driving, and starting capabilities. It runs quite hot now and then, and it definitely requires a new radiator and a cooling system flush. I see to have kept all related documents since it was brandnew. It was never modded or customized since . Theres not much defects while the tires are in nearly perfect status, plus the brakes and rotors are still functioning.

The engine and transmission perform well. Now, this vehicle is 39 years old and has acceptable, usual signs of aging. The detachable roof is made from plexiglass and has developed several cracks on it; the windshield has also incurred smaller stress cracks. The car looks decent for its age, yes, painted and polished up 15 years ago. There’s a bunch of new spare parts that have been archived along with their respective invoices with some older elements that‘ve already been changed.

A minimal funding plus a bit of work can help greatly to iron out the car superficially. Urgent buyers only, gentle reminder no trade approvals, exclusively cash sales.


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