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Some FAQs

Is there a tracking system or other services that I can use to monitor the transportation process of a classic car from the USA to Malta?2023-05-26T21:00:11+00:00

Yes, there are several tracking systems and services that can help monitor the transportation process of a classic car from the USA to Malta. These include services such as Shiply, which is a global online marketplace for transport, and CargoSnap, which provides tracking services and digital paperwork for international shipments. In addition, most shipping companies offer tracking services to track the shipment, from initial booking, to pick-up, transit, and delivery.

Are there any additional customs clearance steps that I must be aware of when shipping a classic car to Malta?2023-05-30T09:37:47+00:00

Yes, we must be aware of the additional customs clearance steps. We will need to provide proof of ownership, submit a detailed inventory list of the car, and show proof of payment. We will also need to provide a copy of the car’s original title, vehicle registration papers, insurance certificate, and any other relevant documents.

In most cases, we may need to pay any applicable import duty and taxes. Lastly, depending on the car, we may need to meet any relevant emissions and safety standards, but this is not required for classical vehicles older than 30 years.

What type of storage can the shipping company provide for the classic car in Malta?2023-05-26T21:00:11+00:00

The shipping company can provide either containerized or open-air storage for the classic car in Malta. Containerized storage involves a large steel box with locking mechanisms to ensure the vehicle is secure. Open-air storage involves parking the car in a secure, sheltered area, such as a secure car park or warehouse.

Are there any additional services that the shipping company offers when shipping a classic car to Malta?2023-05-30T09:39:20+00:00

Yes, many shipping companies offer additional services, such as crating, shipping insurance, and door-to-door delivery services, when shipping a classic car to Malta. Additionally, many shipping companies also offer white glove services, which can include packing and loading the vehicle for transport, as well as offloading and unpacking upon delivery.

Obviously these services cost much more than just a shipping fee.

Does the shipping company arrange for pick-up and delivery of the classic car in Malta?2023-05-30T09:41:45+00:00

No, the shipping company usually does not arrange for pick-up and delivery of classic cars in Malta. We do that for the customer instead.

Does the shipping company have any shipping promotion for shipping a classic car from the USA to Malta?2023-05-30T09:42:19+00:00

Not really, they normally treat these as any other cargo, subject to weight and dimensional considerations.



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