When shipping a vehicle from the US to Malta, there are a few different alternatives available. The foremost is the traditional ocean shipping route. This involves having a container shipped from the US port, typically in New York, to the destination port in Malta. This option is often chosen for its affordability and majority of the time, there won’t be any customs duties due upon delivery. Additionally, the shipper will be able to take advantage of the freight forwarding services offered by the shipping line in order to ensure that the vehicle is properly loaded and secured in the container.

Another alternative option is to have the vehicle transported by air. With the dedicated charter services, an air shipment can be arranged to and from the US to Malta. This usually involves an oversized cargo aircraft and specialized handling of the vehicle to ensure safe delivery. This option is slightly more expensive but provides much faster delivery times, with the average shipment taking no more than a week.

A third option is to have the vehicle driven by a transport company. This is usually done by having the car shipped to the nearest US port and then driven by an experienced driver to the destination in Malta. This is the most expensive option as it involves a longer transit time and greater risk of damage to the vehicle, but is sometimes preferred by those who are looking for the most secure transportation option available.

Finally, one can also opt for overland transportation, although this is not a common route for shipping a vehicle from the US to Malta. This usually involves having the car transported via truck and trailer from one destination to another. This option is usually selected because the vehicle does not need to be loaded on a ship or aircraft and is typically able to get to the destination much faster than via the other options.